Reflection | Assessment 1

I was once told me that you never learn anything about yourself unless you exceed the expectations placed on you not by others, but by yourself. I feel as though I can echo these sentiments when I ponder what it means to be studying at the University of Wollongong.

Learning to be self sufficient, independent and to find a sense of individuality are qualities that are difficult to attain in a new and dynamic environment. Personally I have always considered myself to associate well with new people, and to portray to others a positive manner. Despite this, it is difficult to have confidence in yourself and indeed your image when everything is new – the buildings, the people, the classes; everything. Whilst apprehensive as a new student, it is important to find ways to overcome such obstacles.
Moving straight out of home after high school has made me realise in a very short space of time that it is imperative to never forget where you came from, or what a privilege it is to come from a loving, providing family. Knowing that I can no longer experience this feeling on a daily basis has provided an impetus for hard work, dedication and to strive for individual goals; to make them proud.

University is vastly different to any experience from high school, as you are solely attending in order to study what interests you. As a result of this, I have found already that there are innumerable opportunities to meet and socialise with people who possess similar interests and qualities to yourself. The variety of groups entice you to immerse yourself in a self fulfilling culture through a personalised environment. I intend to join groups which will allow expression through music, sport and entertainment. In high school we are limited, if not controlled by what we are allowed to achieve, for they discourage anyone who dares to be considerably different or unique. I realise at university this is definitely not the case, for individualism is necessary to develop as a person and I will embrace this.

The monotonous structure of high school is gone, as university provides a platform for independence, through allowing self paced learning. Adapting to a ‘world’ where you are empowered to now make decisions at free will is a wonderful yet daunting prospect. The ‘real’ world as it is commonly referred to, entices young individuals such as myself to take responsibility of their rapidly changing lives. Freedom in its truest essence, is a mere contradiction of itself. It embodies everything that is necessary to develop as a human being, however needs to be earned; for nothing in life is deserved.

I am confident about my future prospects, and the potential of my degree to ensure that I can fulfill the expectations I have placed on myself. University gives you the license to succeed, and the wisdom to inspire. Within only a few short weeks away from home and studying at The University of Wollongong, it is difficult to control the wave of emotions that you inevitably experience. Despite this, pushing your own mental and physical boundaries will result in the only thing that will make you happy, but thats up to me to find.

Alexander Debs


About alexdebs

Second year Bachelor of Communications and Media studies student at the University of Wollongong. I am an aspiring journalist with a passion for sport, music and travel.
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