Tinder – Generative or Closed Platform?

So take a stance. A media platform which encourages the average male to seek confidence in an often perverted alter ego, fueled by the idea that they’re completely anonymous and free from an omniscient techno terrorist. A platform where contentment is found knowing you control who can or can’t access anything more than a suggestive photo of yourself on the front cover. Sounds closed right?

‘A brilliant Tinder Hack’ has been executed by a Californian Programmer, matching males with one another whilst fooling them into believing they’re actually chatting with females. Essentially a ‘ female bot’ was created which was a fake user, and relayed messages of lust, seduction and ‘thirst’ to males who had approved the fake profile. The prank was designed in order to humiliate males who had continuously preyed on anonymous women in order to appease their own sense of satisfaction. The hacker who has been named as ‘Patrick’ stated; “Tinder makes it surprisingly easy to bot their system. As long as you have a Facebook authentication token, you can behave as a robot as if you were a person.”

Open or Closed?

References; Zilenko, M 2015, A brilliant Tinder Hack made hundreds of bros unwittingly flirt with each otherThe Verge, Weblog post, 25th March 2015, viewed 26th March 2015. http://www.theverge.com/2015/3/25/8277743/tinder-hack-bros-swiping-bros


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Second year Bachelor of Communications and Media studies student at the University of Wollongong. I am an aspiring journalist with a passion for sport, music and travel.
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