You put the beat in the coconut and (Rip/Mix/Burn) it all up.

“To combine or edit existing materials to produce something new” – Kirby Ferguson.

Kirby Ferguson uses this phrase to describe the word remix in his video series; Everything is a Remix. He explores the idea that remixing is a “folk art”, with little skill needed to execute the simplest of music sampling.

Consider the 4 chord song written by comedy group The Axis of Awesome, a prime example of how the modern remix culture is diversifying. The group claims that “every pop song ever written” can be re-arranged to fit the same four chords. (E,B,C#,A)

A similar principle applies to innumerable hip hop songs typically from the late 20th century, which use a ‘six second drum loop’ (which originally occurs in the song Amen Brother) as the backing to their track. This form of remixing is known as a ‘knock off’ which incorporates the use of copying whilst staying within legal boundaries.


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Second year Bachelor of Communications and Media studies student at the University of Wollongong. I am an aspiring journalist with a passion for sport, music and travel.
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6 Responses to You put the beat in the coconut and (Rip/Mix/Burn) it all up.

  1. jsmithers8 says:

    Very interesting and well structured post. The way in which you used the quote as the main frame allowed for easy reading. Possibly referencing other examples of remixing such as photos or videos would’ve further expressed the magnitude of remixing. However great post!

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  2. kassiklower says:

    I saw these guys at a comedy show in 2009 and they performed this, it was awesome! Good use of the recommended videos to enhance your knowledge on the subject. I particularly liked how you took the lectures focus on the most used drum beat and related it to the most used chord combination of I-V-vi-IV progression. Maybe a link to the video series you mentioned so people not in BCM could look at it if they wanted? That’d be my only suggestion. Great post!


  3. dailysonny says:

    Good post Alex!

    Your examples of remix and it’s culture are excellent highlighting the way in which in today’s media remix and alter original works in order to create derivative works. You have clearly outlined the topic with engaging content to support! Perhaps you could have looked into the way in which copyright and/or fair-use policies are introduced as these works branch off from existing products. This has been a fine line between remixes and the original works whereby credibility has been swept under the rug. We as the generative audience have the power to remix but not necessarily the right to make it public under our own names.

    McLuhan’s “The Medium Is The Message” is also explored through this concept, giving individuals to create an extension of not only themselves but the the work that these remixes have been built upon. All in all a nice post and I look forward in following your blog.


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  4. topmax2.0 says:

    Great Post! I love how you use put YouTube video in the post as an international student i think it is make it easier for me to understand and i’m sure that other will think the same. Well structured post not too long and not too short. good example. 🙂


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