Craft and Digital Making | The Hologram

This weeks lecture was captivating to say the least, with the concept of ‘physical to digital’ then ‘digital to physical’ leaving endless room for interpretation. Delving into the possibilities, I considered the digital resurrection of past music artists such as Tupac and Michael Jackson, through the use of a 3D hologram projection.

Screening a physically identical version of a now deceased human being through digital processes is a wonderful example of what can be experienced from material-digital transformations.

“The storyteller takes what he tells from experience; his own or others, and makes it the experience of those hearing the tale.”
-Esther Leslie

Whilst some like me think this concept is really, really cool. Like anything, it does have it’s critics!

1) Leslie, E 1998, ‘Traces of Craft’, Journal of Design History, Vol. 11, No. 1, pp. 5-13. Viewed on  May 6 2015.


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Second year Bachelor of Communications and Media studies student at the University of Wollongong. I am an aspiring journalist with a passion for sport, music and travel.
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2 Responses to Craft and Digital Making | The Hologram

  1. dr049 says:

    I honestly had a hard time thinking of examples of material to digital transformation when writing my own blog post and think your examples are extremely out of the box and an interesting take to the topic we’ve learned. You could maybe elaborate your personal opinion on this idea of transforming material into digital but over all really great job!


  2. lvidenda says:

    It took me so long to come up with an example for digital craft, so I congratulate you for finding such an awesome and unique example. After watching the videos I can finally understand Craft and Digital making a little bit more, because honestly ive been struggling to get my head around the information we received at the lecture. I know you say its really cool but I would love for you to explain why you are intrigued by it and what made you choose this example, besides that I think this is an awesome blog post. Thankyou!

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