Bro, that is so tweet.

And this is why the #hashtag is so useful, as it allows users to collaborate remarkable amounts on information whilst being limited to such a short character count. This small prefix allows a user to construct their own online identity and participate in global conversations.

Hansen, Smith and Schneiderman refer to how hashtags allow one to become part of a worldwide network graph, which establishes connections between people who are tweeting on similar, trending topics.


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Second year Bachelor of Communications and Media studies student at the University of Wollongong. I am an aspiring journalist with a passion for sport, music and travel.
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4 Responses to Bro, that is so tweet.

  1. zoematina16 says:

    Alex, this is a very intriguing post. The inclusion of a meme has been used well to attract readers. The twitter character count is quite a complex topic as it limits users to what they can post. However, I agree with your statement conveying that mass amounts of information can still be expressed through twitter through the use of the hastag. As twitter is an intercommunication platform, we have the power to link multiple networks and platforms resulting in unlimited topics and information being communicated. It would be interesting to investigate the statistics of how users feel about this word count, and if they are aware of the power they have in terms of information content. A well written and enjoyable post. Great work!


  2. dr049 says:

    Great meme, it really underlines the limits and possibilities in the twitter world by comparing character count and hashtags. Both are an important aspect to twitter as they let the user form short, concise pieces of work that can be easily distrusted to all twitter users simply using the hashtag. Great work on the meme!


  3. Dimitri Lignos says:

    Hey Alex, I really enjoyed the way you used the meme and really adds onto what you are saying in your blog post. I also enjoy the way you used Hansen, Smith and Schneiderman to support your argument. I agree that the hashtag is a fantastic online tool to help online identities connect while also strengthening their own online persona. Hashtags are also a useful online object to support research. I recommend having a look at, as they use a hashtag, #MyTroll, to expose online harassment. Great post!

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  4. I think the meme and post are very clever Alex. Gave me a chuckle upon first glance.
    Thank you for pointing out how the use of a hashtag can allow us to participate in ‘global conversation’, I never really considered it in such a broad spectrum and haven’t participated myself, but can recognise the effectiveness and importance of being able to do this. I think that hashtags can also contribute to creating collective intelligence, by establishing these worldwide connections and facilitating conversations pertaining to the same ideas.


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