Katie’s experiences on Tinder

So, I recently joined the infamous Tinder App to try and understand what all the fuss was about and to help me understand for my Digital Artefact how it works in practicality. So of course after doing our original research, both Alex and I could see there was a vastly different view on Tinder from both genders. However, I wanted to grab the attention for myself, and Alex did the same.

The first step was to choose my pictures from Facebook and write a line about myself. I chose my most recent photos (didn’t want to deceive anyone!), and then got my friends to think of something witty, “I’m fun, I love the sun and ready to find love”.

The second step was to start swiping! I have to admit as well, although our research told us Tinder was easy to use and easy to understand, I did find it challenging at first. The reason for this was because there were so many elements to keep into consideration. The following are a few issues I initially had:

  • Continuously changing the radius of where you want to meet people, e.g. you may be at Uni and want to only be matched with people 2km of the area, or you may be at home and want to meet people of 10km around you.
  • Tinder eats into your data very quickly.
  • I have found 1/3 times my Tinder won’t open (or maybe that’s just my phone!).
  • Your finger gets really sore from swiping.
  • It is hard to get an idea of what someone looks like in their one photo so you have to click onto them, which is just a timely process.
  • Boys messaged me with clever taglines, most of which were joking or inappropriate.
  • From the boys I have messaged, the first few conversations were totally based on aesthetics and took them a long time to ask more in depth questions.

On a whole though, as soon as I have downloaded it, I haven’t been able to stop swiping! A lot of people I have swiped I have seen at Uni and makes it fun to see who you have swiped or have spoken to. It is a great way to meet people who live around you and so far no boy I have spoken with has been rude, anything but the opposite, which maybe poses the question of Tinder’s purpose. Some say it’s a site to meet new people and go on dates, but others we questioned also said a place to get too know people ‘more personally’!.

In saying all of this, I wouldn’t use Tinder as my first resort of finding a lover. But most definitely I am having fun on it, and who knows maybe I will meet up with someone. I will keep on using it as I love talking to different people just as I love to do in real life. So, firstly, I will take my time to have fun and stalk some hotties!


About alexdebs

Second year Bachelor of Communications and Media studies student at the University of Wollongong. I am an aspiring journalist with a passion for sport, music and travel.
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