What’s Hidden? | The Beauty of Travelling

What’s Hidden?
Jrnl102 Assessment #2

“We are defined by what chances we take, to inspire, to improve and to fulfil the destiny of what we are destined to achieve.” – Abraham Lincoln

In regards to our theme for Assignment 2; What is hidden? I have decided to explore the depths of self-discovery, individuality and the beauty within travel that can perpetuate into lifelong memories and sentimental treasures. Using a collaboration of images taken by both my father and my brother, accompanied by an original musical composition I have the intention of conveying what has been described as a beautiful, moving and eye opening trip for both my talents. For three weeks of their respective journeys the two were lucky enough to travel the countryside of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland, spending valuable and meaningful time together and sharing a profound and significant bond that will forever be with them.

Only until you push yourself to limits unknown, can you comprehend what it is in life you intend to do, or what it is you are searching for as a human. This is the way in which my brother James describes his travels overseas, after recently arriving home from what can only be described as a trip of self-discovery and adventure. Based in a small village for called Barrow, James lived and quietly worked for close to 9 months away from home, out of his comfort zone, being constantly challenged by financial hardships and home sickness. Despite this, he is adamant his time overseas which included Germany, Belgium, France, Czech Republic, Poland and the entire UK; helped in developing his independence as an adult and firming a strong sense of identity and individuality in the process. He feels that if not for these travels, this side of him perhaps may not have been unveiled.

Similarly, my father Dave embarked on his first overseas trip of his life, at the tender age of 52. Such was the profoundness of this trip, my father came back as a changed man after engaging with his heritage and culture in his family hometown of Raskifa, Lebanon. Discovering more about himself and his family was a feat he was motivated to achieve his entire life, and in doing so has been issued with sentimental thoughts and experiences that can only be found on a journey for self-discovery.

Talent 1 # Dave Debs

Talent 2 # James Debs

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Second year Bachelor of Communications and Media studies student at the University of Wollongong. I am an aspiring journalist with a passion for sport, music and travel.
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