What affect does co-curricular activity have on student learning? 

When I think of High School the memories I look upon most fondly are spent playing sport and engaging in various musical events. Whilst a number of my peers found co-curricular activities to be a distraction with the perpetual stress which is synonymous with the HSC, I found it incredibly liberating to be provided with a balance of work, study and physical activity. 

With this in mind, I propose to engage with fellow students to discover not only the range of co-curricular activities they commit to, but whether or not they believe it helps or hinders their ability to be a successful student. According to ABS data there is a decline in the participation of sport for people aged 15-25 in the last decade. There are perhaps a number of reasons for this statistic, one reason could be due to educational pressures that the current generation are faced with.

 In my investigation I will delve into the difficulties graduates now have attaining work which is both suitable and profitable in industries which are increasingly competitive. I would be interested in surveying students within the cohort who may have ceased engaging in co-curricular activities such as sport in order to focus on studies for the preceding argument.  I intend to gather qualitive data in the form of extensive interviews with people within the cohort, whilst respecting the privacy and consent guidelines appilicable to the release of the information gathered. Primary research will be the most effective method of determining whether or not co-curricular activity has a positive affect on students, and the university provides a resource base in order to achieve this. 


About alexdebs

Second year Bachelor of Communications and Media studies student at the University of Wollongong. I am an aspiring journalist with a passion for sport, music and travel.
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