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Media and Ownership | Why yes, it matters.

Lets throw it back to the Federal Election of 2013. Kevin Rudd vs Tony Abbott, a contest for the ages. The penultimate matchup that saw the Queensland incumbent go toe to toe with a New South Welshman: the budgy smuggling Aussie … Continue reading

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Semiotics | Optical (D)illusions

The Image cannot lie | Optical (d)illusions. Advertising companies frequently adopt the use of subliminal messages, designed to manipulate their audiences. The sale of cigarettes between the 1960’s and 1990’s was significantly influenced by a continual ability to ‘justify’ their … Continue reading

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Case study: Cyber Bullying – But they’re just kids?

It’s a compelling argument. Kids don’t know any better.. or do they? It’s empowering, it’s anonymous and it’s dangerous. Where we are given the chance to compete on a level playing field,  yet with complete ignorance. ‘I’m too scared to … Continue reading

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