Vox Pop 2: What are your thoughts on Tinder?

Yet again I set out on an expedition for answers, completely unaware of what was to follow.

In all honesty, I was subjected to an incredible array of interesting, entertaining and confronting answers pertaining to my question, challenging dozens of strangers to provide an honest opinion of their Tinder experiences.

Some young blokes even said Tinder has ”made their dreams come true” – claiming it’s a valuable tool for ‘picking up,’ while a number of young females recalled that most people on Tinder are looking for exactly that.

Despite this, the beauty of chatting to a smorgasbord of young people is that the truth is always found deep within personal experiences. Take a look!



About alexdebs

Second year Bachelor of Communications and Media studies student at the University of Wollongong. I am an aspiring journalist with a passion for sport, music and travel.
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